Alley Cat Photography: [In progress, February, 2019] I am currently working with a photographer in Vancouver, Canada to help them increase their online presence through a branding and website package. I have started by creating a brand mood board, along with a logo, which I feel captures the edgy, vibrant and urban style of the artist. Since this, along with the wireframes for the site have been approved, I am in the process of prototyping their online gallery and putting together a content calendar for her blog and various social media calendars. Stay tuned!

Alley Cat

Stir of the Moment Cafe: This is a style guide I did for a cafe in Madrid. This guide is more comprehensive than the mood board as it will be used as a reference for future design and development decisions from the cafe.

Grizzly Soaps Co.: I used Dimension, Photoshop and Illustrator to make a packaging concept for a line of fictitious men’s grooming products.

Coconut and Rum

Pine and Resin

Charcoal and Licorice