App Design

Diet Jar: The is an app concept I designed as a personal project, and am currently tinkering with to make a functioning app. Not dissimilar to Homer Simpson’s (and my own dad’s!) iconic swear jar, Diet Jar keeps your on track with your diet by making you commit a small amount of your choice every time you slip up on your diet. When you reach your target weight, you can smash the jar, and spend your savings on a new wardrobe (or whatever you want, just not pizza πŸ•).

In this prototype, the light blue text is clickable, along with menu items and parts of the pie chart.

Diet Jar Prototype

Kokomi: In another edition of the Adobe Daily Creative Challenge, I designed a booking app for chocolatier, which I really wish was real🍫. You can click the plus button to add an Afternoon Tea to your basket, you can click the checkout button, and you can cancel the order by clicking “go back”.

Kokomi Prototype